WIOA Grants for the Unemployed 5402 W. Laurel Street, Building 1-A Suite 106, Tampa, FL 33607


5402 W. Laurel Street, Building 1-A Suite 106, Tampa, FL 33607
Discover how Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) grants can turbocharge job searches. WIOA grants can help unemployed professionals make a successful career transition. If you qualify for this grant, it will provide free training and help with finding a job.

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Customer Reviews

Name: Kyle Metzger, Project Manager
Review: He was very communicative and took the time to sit with me and outline my goals and how the training material will carve out my career path…The instructors were top notch and worked effortlessly to ensure that all students were up to speed on the material. It was noticeable that the instructors fully understood the material and were prepared for any and all questions that came their way.

Name: Lisa Baresi-Smith, PC Technician
Review: He was incredibly helpful in steering me towards a suitable program aligning with my interests and the current job demands of our area. I highly recommend them. The atmosphere was fantastic, with a friendly and always supportive staff.

Name: Jennifer Smith, Strategic Account Manager
Review: I encountered him at a job fair where he introduced me to the PMP program and available grants in the area. Having contemplated pursuing my PMP previously, both in professional and volunteer capacities, he proved to be an excellent coach. He possessed deep insights into market-demanded skills and recommended the most suitable classes and instructors for my success. The PMP training I received was exemplary, making it a prime choice for WIOA program participants. His understanding of the WIOA program and qualifying classes is commendable.

Name: Ronni Jones, IT Security and Compliance Analyst
Review: My career coach played a pivotal role in helping me chart my educational path. Upon providing him with my career and training objectives, he meticulously outlined my options, highlighting the advantages of each available course and explaining their respective career potentials. His guidance significantly contributed to my successful transition into a new job.

Name: James Falzone, Help Desk
Review: They furnished all the necessary resources for me to ace certification exams on my first attempt. Moreover, their assistance extended beyond mere preparation, as they actively facilitated my job search, providing valuable interview opportunities essential for securing employment. Their comprehensive support not only prepared me for the job but also ensured I had the necessary exposure to secure interviews.

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